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At Night
Page 1 - The Person who inspired this site and her poetry !
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Page 1 - The Person who inspired this site and her poetry !
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Countesserszabet or Vamperszetbet and her Poetry

This Web site was inspired by a new friend who has cast a spell on me that. I can't explain. Thanks to her I was able to get though a very tough time.
Her aol screename is ( CountessErszabet ) The picture below is her and poetry directly below is written by her.

This Lady is my friend and has a special spot in my heart and always will have.

Countess - You are in my dreams


Emptiness Brushes My Soul

Love has once again betrayed me and
The stars came crashing from the sky shattered...
And another piece of my lonely heart is cast amongst the ashes Crumpled and decaying in the cold dust...
Moments of Love between eons of stillness My shadow stalked by lonely madness... Crying emptiness brushes my soul and
Uncontrollable longings scream from deep within my spirit...Chill dawn winds eddy around me like gray soulless wolfs...A deadly silence fills my empty dreams
Stalking about the room like shadows chased from the fire...A touch on my arm draws me out of my restlessness
Fragments of promising eyes drift lovingly across my soul
And a crystal glitter of stars flung across a darkened sky
Igniting my passions again... My hunger unyielding I must eternally dance Love's cruel game...............


I roam alone, in everlasting Night deserts, with solitude as my sole companion. Darkness and light cast as my only soulmate and compass, a mute shadow. As the skies gather to bring storm and rain to me... I always wondered...I always wanted to know, Secrets meant to no one... But now... I see that they lived inside of me. As my spirit and consciousness FLoat to the vast night horizon, Not knowing, I still wander. Although my life and journey
are near their end... I begin to understand... As I walk among the ruins Of ancient memories... There! in the land!
In the night... A thousand sights of marvelous places. As I travel inside me. I can only see Cities of despair, for I do not know. Who can understand me, but myself. And as my tired eyes Watch the black sky once more, And as my hands hold the earth...
I cry...