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At Night
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I have a few Poems here,,,this page is under construction though..

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The thought of her is lodged deep in my mind..As I day dream of her the birds of love are sing a beautiful song..The trees are moving in the gentle wind and it reminds me of the way she walks..I am by a stream with water clean enough to drink and crystal clear like her skin..The red rose I bend over to pick reminds me of her blushing smile..The storm that is in the distance tells me that I need to be careful ..I want to touch her but its only a dream..I have this feeling that she is lonely like me..I know that the fear of love is a dangerous thing..Like the storm in the distance it can swiftly destroy everthing in its path..

(c) 2001,Walter H. Lange.


The problems of the world have new meaning...The children are screaming and no one can here them...We worry about money, cars and sex while people are starving...We vote for people who have learned from books and have never been without ...The gangs and drugs are taking over our streets and killing our kids but nobody seems to care...I walk down the street and see garbage everywhere and I wonder why...People have no respect for mother earth and when asked the answer is the same...How can I change it by myself...the water is poison and the air is foul...Our jobs are all about gone and the elderly can not pay for there health...When I look at this country with all its wonder...We claim to be the best but we have failed all the tests...We better address the problems of the world and undo all our mistakes so our children can enjoy what we have almost destroyed.

Count Gator
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange.


What will it take to stop the killing...The schools are a mess with no one useing Authority...The days of the switch and the fist are long since gone...The children now take pills to calm them and the gun is there to kill them...The teachers live in fear and have no spine...Blame it on the kids it works everytime...I wake in the morning to watch my child get on the bus and its almost as if I am sending him off to war...I wonder if I will ever see him again...The news of the day talks of killing, the television shows the killing...What will it take to stop killing...

Count Gator
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange.