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At Night
Page 2 - Downloads

Welcome to the Count's Closet

I will be constantly uploading freeware and shareware to this site. All the downloads here will be usefull stuff for you to enhance you journey on the internet. If your looking for something, just e-mail me a request.

Note: I am not resposible for what you do with any of the programs on this site. If you feel you have a problem with this statement or doubt the programs are clean on this site leave now please.



This is winzip 8.0. I prefer this easy to use shareware ver. It allows to to easily make zip files as well as unzip.
Note: If you do alot of downloading you should download WinRAR and WinAce3.1 because some programs are compressed with these programs.

Click here to download WinZip8.0.exe

WinRAR setup click here

WinAce click here to get this

This next program is a must...makes you hack proof by protecting your ports thus, keeping people from connecting to you computer click here

The next file is a program used to edit all types of files. Hackers use this alot to make Password Stealers. You can also use this program to search .exe Programs before you click on them to see if they have addresses in them that will steal you password imformation.

Click here for for Win 9x or NT

For those of you that would like to make your own business cards and labels and stuff, I have put a couple of prograns below that are shareware for you to download free. Both are real simple to figure out.

This business Card Program is the larger one with more file

This is a little smaller but a great program for Business cards,,,I use this .exe file

This is a small Business card program ,,very simple 1/2 the size of the above is a .zip file

Internet Programs and Dial ups

mIRC internet relay chat Setup.exe

ICQ CHAT ,,, this is a great chat click here to download file,,,this won't take over your browser like the exe file

Methodus toolz .exe ,,,this has a great chat fader

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