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At Night
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Page 3 Poetry, yours and mine
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Welcome to the Poetry page.


I will post any Poetry that I recieve on this page. I will include either your Screenname or your real name. Have fun with it all and remember that most good Poetry comes from your soul. I will also post my new stuff on this page as well.

Count Gator

I just love this Picture sent to me by the countess. It's so serene and mystical. I just had to share this picture with you.



It flashes thru my head as I am lying here in bed.... Why cant i just fall asleep...I have these feelings that run so deep and your always on my mind....I just cant seem to unwind because I think about you all the time....Don't no how long i can take this, what to do, what to say.....All these years seems so long ago...Like forever when you weren't here and it was like you never left when you came back....Now without your love, I cant be without, Its killing me no doubt...I must now find away to cope...So I can hang on and hope that you still love me.....


My Love For Her

As I sit and think of her I wonder...What it would be like to have her in my arms...To smell her kiss her neck....I long to see her...I have thoughts of her every second of the day....I feel her pain in a relationship with no love...I wonder could we succeed...could our love flurish like a weed in the sun growing in a rich soil...could my love for her withstand the test of time...I think so...would I become to old for her...would she take care of me like I would take care of her...all these questions and I have no answer...I know as I sit here with her picture fresh in my heart, I know I am falling in love with her soul...Does she know how I can I save her....I look and search for a love that will last forever and I find her, but it looks so hopeless or does it?...she is waiting for me now, but what do I do?...I think she may love me...I think I love her....will it last?...

Count Gator
11:43 am
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange


As I watch the hour glass, I count the grains of sand till you are once again in my arms...It seems like only yesterday since I gazed at you beatiful face for the first time...It seems like only yesterday that I looked in to your eyes and I told you I loved you...As I look to the future I wonder what it holds for our love...What pain is in store...What Laughter will we enjoy together...How many yesterdays will I have to treasure forever...

I look to the stars and try to remember what they looked like the day before, but I can't remember...I look at the moon and try to remember when it was full, but I can't remember...I look at my life and try to remember when I have been in love like now, but I can't remember...

I can only remember you...Your wonderful smell,,,That way your nose rinkles when you smile...The way you hold me when you cry...the way you scream while in the heat of passion...The way you kiss me and say good night...

As you walk though the door my blood boils with lust and excitement...When I am with you time stands still and I can remember everthing I need to remember and thats I love you...

Count Gator
8:46 pm
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange


When you cry I just want to hold you close...
Just the thought of it makes we weak...
In the darkness I hear a whimper and there is nothing
I can do....Wanting so to comfort you...
So I try to withstand your pain from a distance...
It chills me to the bone that your pain is a clone of mine...
As I reach for you though the darkness I begin to
understand that our pain is one and the same for the
emptiness has consumed our brain.

Count Gator
March 7, 2001
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange


You are the dream that I crave when I fall asleep... You are the restlessness that causes me to roll in my sleep...When I awake, I search for the softness of your body... For the heat that comes from within you....
When I see your not there I reach for anything with your scent...

With the night fall I look to the stars as if a map there will lead me to the breeze of the night blows
though the trees its as if I can here your voice...

Helpless without your love, like a small fish with no shelter from the shark , I return to my bed with the belief that tonight I will find you again in my dreams...

Written 02.28.01
Count Gator
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange

Save Me

As the sleepiness sets in, I wonder what demon is trying to brain wash her.
Fear and uncertainty overwhelm my soul. I call out to her in to the night. She can not here me. I shake with despair not knowing if she will survive, I call her name again, but all I here is the echo's of my voice in the dark black night.

Something is whispering in the shadows things I cannot understand. Needing her, I close my eyes and wonder if I will open them in joy or sorrow. Does she know of my love for her or is she confused. Can I break the normality of her ways or am I just another pawn in this thing we call life.

Then I hear her calling out my name. I look but, I do not see, I seach but, I do not find. Again I call out to her. I listen.......again there is no answer. I scream her name again and again. I know that she is there. I will save her.
Then I wonder who will save me.

Count Gator
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange

The Shadow of Love

When the darkness falls and the moon is out, The shadow crawls the ground about, My love for you exceeds the storm,
Hunting your sate until the morn,

To satisfy is my only need, No unfair warnings shall I heed,
I am craving your touch, your feel, your scent, But like the shadow,morning came...and you went.


Walk With Me

I walk in darkness among the shadows of doubt. My heart has grown cold, my eyes have gone blind. I can no longer remember what
love, happiness, freedom, or light feel like. I am not entirely alone in this shadow world, but the others will not talk, nor will they listen. They to have been shut out by the world, and by loved ones. We shadows were at one time all strong, happy,
bright, and friendly. Then we met the two beings that took
those feelings away. Those beings were pain and grief. We have many friends, some care, some could careless, but we don't see them now, all we see is darkness.
One day hopefully we can walk among the sunlit roads again. But for now we are dammed by ourselves to suffer in this hell hole
of a black abyss. Never to share our feelings with anyone, because we no longer care. You can only mistreat a heart so many
times before it becomes cold, black, and full of hate. We hope if you have never felt this, you never do! But if you do find yourself in this to walk with me?

written....December 17, 1987
By: C.J.C

alias- Gd4Nutin aol screenname

The Woman I love

When I think of her, she reminds me of the night...She walks as if she is carried by the night breeze...When she speaks it sounds like the the rustling of the leaves in the trees, soft but sure....When she looks at me the waves of passion errupt from deep in my soul.
She listens to me talk and doesn't worry about the season in my voice ...I would do anything for her...I would die for her...I would life for her...
As I awake from my dream the search for this person goes on and so does my lonely life.

Count Gator
12:11 am
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange


Why is she in every thought that enters this shattered mind...
Again and Again I say that this can never happen to me again as I hold my swollen heart...There she is again...and again...I fight off the feeling but it is to know avail...I can't hide from the feeling coming over me...She is taking over my soul...I feel myself wanting and needing...How can I over come the fear that is holding me back...I wonder why in this stage of my life she is past won't let me go...It's strong grasp is choking me and I need to breathe...As I wait for her I wonder is this going to make me or destroy me...I shiver as the night wind reflects off my body and chills me to my soul...I look at the Moon in hopes that it will tell me what to do...
I know what I must do because in the Moon I see her reflection.

Count Gator
11:46 pm
February 26, 2001
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange


When you look at the blooming roses next to the terrace and you think of her you reach down and grasp a stem gently not to damage the petals...Your having a bad day at work and you think of her and you begin to smile... The day goes by quickly...You hurry home only to find she is not there yet but you only think of her...You make dinner without even a thought...You check to see if any chores are undone...You here the car door and you hurry to greet her at the doorway...You long for her touch, her aroma. Even if she has had a bad day you take it in stride and offer her a massage...

Though it all you are glad to have her by your side no matter would do anything to keep her even if it meant giving your own life...when you retire for the evening , you watch her sleep and brush the hair from her face softly as not to wake her,,,You kiss her on the forehead and say those words that you know are so true...
Baby I love you...

Written By: Count Gator
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange
This is from deep inside my soul and everyone who reads this should know that love has no limitations...

The First Kiss

The night we met was like a whirl wind surounding a storm...
I was bitter from loves gone bad and fighting against the world...I couldn't help but follow you in to the storm to see if you were safe...The clouds were rolling and the wind was screaming like a victim in the night...When I found you the storm had subsided and the calm surrounded you like the eye of a huricane...

I ask and you answered...You asked and I answered and I was warm from head to toe...I could tell from your talk you were in distress as a ship in a evil storm...I wanted to hold you a float but I was sinking myself...

When I lost you in the night and you were to distant to see... I realized that I should have given you a kiss and maybe then the calm night breeze would have carried the scent from you lips...

Count Gator
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange



Everytime I talk to her, my love for her grows out of control like a raging forest fire in the wind...The high water from the flood of passion is carrying me away to the deep pools of joy...

The world around me has no meaning and doesn't see me dissapearing into the sea of love...As I walk its like I am on air and I am deaf and blind to all other things in the universe...

When she appears there is no background, nor any foreground...Only the Radiance from her soul and the glow from her angel like face that pierce though my very existance...

As she touches me the flames burn me and Soon I am consumed by the fire that burns in my soul for the woman that has captured my heart, my love, my life ...

Count Gator
2:02 am
(c) 2001, Walter H. Lange

"I have undertaken a labor, a labor out of love for the world and to comfort noble hearts: those that I hold dear, and the world to which my heart goes out. Not the common world do I mean, of those who (as I have heard) cannot bear grief and desire but to bathe in bliss. (May God then let them dwell in bliss!) Their world and manner of life my tale does not regard: its life and mine lie apart. Another world do I hold in mind which bears together in one heart and its bitter sweetness and its dear grief, its heart's delight and its pain of longing , dear life and sorrowful death, dear death and sorrowful death. In this world let me have my world, to be damned with it , or to be saved."